Public Affairs and Strategic Communications

Axela's leading Public Affairs and Strategic Communications Practice combines innovative message development strategies with a traditional public affairs approach to ensure that our client's message resonates in Washington.




Government Relations



Our bi-partisan approach is central to our representation of clients and an important element to ensuring that our clients' message resonates and rises above the din in Washington.






Business/Industry & Government Partnerships


Axela has built and managed countless partnerships and coalitions on behalf of our clients to effectively promote the critical issues they are championing.  From targeted partnerships to comprehensive coalitions, we have the unique expertise necessary to build and implement successful partnerships.



Growth Strategies



With global corporate and non-profit partners and clients including IBM, McCann Healthcare Worldwide, Georgetown University and HOSA, we have developed and enhanced key relationships with target constituencies leading to increased corporate value, membership, and furtherance of synergies and alignment...



Latest News

Axela Launches ideagen - Launch Summit, November 1, 2012

Ideagen was formed by Axela with a simple goal in mind: to change the world.  Ideagen serves as the platform for high-level cross-sector collaboration. Its member base draws broadly from influentials in the non-profit, corporate and governmental sectors and is designed to harness the models and best practices each member brings to the table to catalyze collaborative solutions.

The Ideagen mission is to create a zero degree platform to foster an environment for cross-sector collaboration. Our objective is to nurture and strengthen connections and communication between organizations, which, together, have the ability to create innovative solutions to some of the most vexing issues of our time.


Axela Corporate Headquarters - New Location at the Willard Office Building - Willard Complex

A most celebrated historic location, the Willard has been the focal point for meetings and some of the world's most imporant events for more than 150 years.  The Willard has hosted most every U.S. president since Franklin Pierce in 1853.  On August 28, 1963, the Reverand Martin Luther King finished his famous "I have a dream" speech while a guest at the Willard.  Other notable guests have included Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, Buffalo Bill, Mark Twain (who penned two books at the Willard) and countless others.  As Axela approaches its tenth anniversary, we are proud to share this rich history with the Willard as we prepare for the coming decades.